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New Futuristic Creative Commons Robot Music by DanoSongs

DanoSongs Royalty Free Music has released a new futuristic electronic track with dubstep influences called “Bionic Robotics.” (01/30/2014 10:08 AM)

Impacting Lives All Over; Music Video to hit Single "Walls" on Warnings Against Suicide with Lamon Records Artist Sean Guerrero Goes Viral

Sean Guerrero is an award winning artist out of Wilmington, NC who is writing vibrant songs that break down Walls which are Forever changing lives all over the world. (08/21/2013 08:11 AM)

Acclaimed Music Together® Classes to be Offered in San Rafael and Novato

Sing-Dance-Play Music Together® will begin classes this fall in new locations in Novato and San Rafael, announced Sing-Dance-Play director Elina Coulter.  (08/15/2013 11:44 AM)

Amber Sweeney, an Accomplished Singer-Songwriter, Releases Her Third aAlbum Entitled "The Starting Line"

Amber Sweeney releases her third and latest album entitled "The Starting Line" featuring 5 brand new original songs (08/01/2013 08:03 AM)

Ricky Nelson Remembered Featuring Matthew & Gunnar Nelson at The Hanover Theatre on August 2

In this heartfelt event featuring rock n' roll musicians, Matthew & Gunnar Nelson, audiences will celebrate the life of Ricky Nelson and relive the best of his music.  (07/15/2013 08:02 AM)

Wizard of Oz Ballet

It’s The Charlotte Youth Ballet’s The Wizard of Oz performance at the Knight Theater! (03/18/2013 10:12 AM)

New Album Release for The Remus Tucker Band - The Remus Tucker Band: South of New Orleans

The Remus Tucker Band, that hard hitting southern rock group, has released their debut album.  (03/13/2013 08:18 AM)

Fort Lauderdale Guitar Teacher Dyce Kimura Offers Special Discount

 Studies show that playing an instrument can help one learn discipline, relieve stress, perform better in school, and much more. (02/15/2013 13:40 PM)

All Hands on Deck--The Musical at the Gallo Center for the Arts February 23

'America's Newest 1940s Musical' Transports Audience Back in Time. (01/26/2013 11:33 AM)

Modern Rock Band Trophy Kids “Give Back” through

The band: Trophy Kids. The website: The result: A Win-Win for everyone involved. (01/19/2013 09:21 AM)

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