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Veteran Nightlife Team Takes the Next Step, Forms Blackout Artists, Represents and Books Las Vegas’ Top Talent

Veteran Nightlife Team Takes the Next Step, Forms Blackout Artists, Represents and Books Las Vegas’ Top Talent (09/13/2013 10:16 AM)

StudioNia to Celebrate National Dance Week

StudioNia will be hosting a StudioNia Get in Your Body and Dance Open House and a Nia Flash Mob on April 26th and 27th, 2013 offering free classes for everybody! (04/22/2013 07:43 AM)

Announcing The Artist Summit 2013 - The Newest Pro Beauty Industry Experience Produced by The Powder Group

Pro Beauty Leaders and Artists Unite for Three Inspirational Days of Artistry, Career and Industry Insight. (04/15/2013 15:56 PM)

Critically-Acclaimed Documentaries on Ioway Indians Showcased at Richland Center City Auditorium April 13th

The unforgettable story of the Ioway Indians continues where the original award-winning documentary left off in two new films. (04/08/2013 12:21 PM)

Noted Steampunk Thriller “PROGRESS” Announces New Fundraising Campaign

The official teaser video for the 10-episode webseries PROGRESS was released  and has been garnering much attention through blogs, magazines, podcasts, Twitter and Facebook.  (03/13/2013 08:10 AM)

FLM.TV Announces Its Latest Showcase of Indie Films During the SXSW Film Festival

FLM.TV, the industry’s first indie film Social TV pay-per-view site is announcing its latest showcase of films being self distributed on the FLM.TV site by indie filmmakers. (03/11/2013 08:10 AM)

Fine Asian Art and Antiques Sale At Kaminski Features Impressive Pieces

High quality Chinese items shone at Kaminski Auction’s recent Fine Asian Art and Antiques sale, held on Saturday, January 26. (02/13/2013 08:55 AM)

’Yesterday Once More: A Tribute to the Carpenters‘ at Gallo Center for the Arts February 16

Concert produced by musician Jim Brickman features cavalcade of hits by '70s icons Richard and Karen Carpenter (01/21/2013 08:21 AM)

Jenness Cortez Presents New Important Work of American Realism

DeBruyne Fine Art of Naples, Florida, will host its twelfth solo exhibition by internationally acclaimed artist Jenness Cortez.  (01/21/2013 08:04 AM)

ART4GOOD Foundation Hosts a Huge Online Auction To Support the Arts in Schools

ART4GOOD Foundation, Inc. will be hosting an unprecedented online auction featuring thousands works of art, collectibles, jewelry, and travel and unique experiences. (12/31/2012 07:58 AM)

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