June 26, 2015 Friday - updated 09:58 AM PT

Albuquerque Company Becomes Oakmont Advisory Group

Albuquerque, , United States (IBwire.com - June 26, 2015) The Hicks Advisory Group, LLC announces their new business name Oakmont Advisory Group to the public. The name change will occur on July 1 and is a result of the continued growth of the company.

Oakmont wants a name that reflects the growth of the family owned business. The firm has evolved over the years from a mom-and-pop shop, run by one insurance advisor to a business filled with investment advisors. After the significant growth, the company felt that the name should reflect an investment firm qualified to handle all financial needs.

The Oak tree illustrates the potential growth for the company while the tree’s roots indicate the depth of knowledge and dedication the company has for its clients. The firm’s growth is indicative of a tree, strong roots that grow into many branches. The expansion would not be possible without the base, and the company is able to pay homage to their roots through the new name.

The new name Oakmont Advisory Group comes from the street where the Hicks family decided to plant their roots. The senior Hicks moved to New Mexico over 45 years ago, married, and eventually settled in on Oakmont Rd. Oakmont represents their past, present and future with their business and life in Albuquerque, and throughout New Mexico.

As one of Albuquerque’s fastest growing investing firms, the Oakmont Advisory Group, LLC employs a holistic approach to investing by analyzing each individual’s unique financial situations and retirement goals. They also partner with trusted investment research companies to provide unbiased views on individuals’ portfolios.

Media Contact:

Ryan Gilmore
Hicks Advisory Group
Albuquerque, , NM

Phone: 505-821-6966
Website: www.hicksadvisory.com
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