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AerSale, Inc. to Provide Maintenance Services to NASA’s DC-8 – the Flying Laboratory

AerSale, Inc. announced today that it will be providing “C” check maintenance services for one of NASA's Airborne Science Program workhorses – the DC-8-72 flying laboratory. (11/20/2013 15:34 PM)

AerSale, Inc. Appoints Paul Cummiskey as Chief Legal Officer

AerSale, Inc. announced today that Paul Cummiskey has been appointed its Chief Legal Officer. This position will support AerSale’s rapidly expanding global operations. (11/18/2013 16:57 PM)

Tampa International Airport Commits to Soft Play Areas on Every Airside

One of the world’s most-loved airports is in the midst of many changes, including a commitment to provide soft playgrounds at every airside.  (03/28/2013 08:16 AM)

Pro Flight Simulator Review: Fly Like the Pros...Without Leaving Home

Pro Flight Simulator review is about a professional flight simulator that uses the power of Google maps to make sure one is seeing realistic landscape. (09/02/2012 12:36 PM)

Indy Park Ride & Fly Announces New Airport Parking Website

Indy Park Ride & Fly announced the launch new website dedicated to making parking easier for passengers who travel in and out of the Indianapolis International Airport.  (07/24/2012 09:55 AM)

Can Mile-High Psychic Readings Make Flying Fun Again?

Flying has become such a downer – cramped legroom, no food, overstuffed overhead compartments.  (07/10/2012 10:05 AM)

Simplus Technologies Announces First Update on its Fear of Flying App for Turbulence Called Turbcast

Turbulence happens. Now there's an app for that. Turbcast App is a must have travel app for the general public or fearful fliers. (06/25/2012 09:34 AM)

Private Jet Central Packages to the Irish Open Selling Out Fast

The Irish Open golf tournament begins on Thursday 28th of June and includes 4 days play on the Dunluce Course at the Royal Portrush Golf Club. (06/24/2012 12:54 PM) – Copenhagen hosts the annual Passenger Terminal EXPO in April 2011

Passenger Terminal EXPO 2011 Copenhagen Airport (03/10/2011 11:25 AM)

AFIT Accelerated Flight and Instrument Training, LLC Announces Launch of New Corporate Website

AFIT has been, and continues to be, the future for General Aviation pilots. (12/29/2010 08:30 AM)

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