February 17, 2015 Tuesday - updated 10:21 AM PT

Advanced Web Services for Keeping Up Clients in 2015

Riyadh, United States (IBwire.com - February 17, 2015) Mr. Haitham AL-Amri, director of the company, said: CloudWings start provides more professional services to our user to meet the needs of this era. And he said: We in CloudWings responded to this call through world-class company establishment in all technical and professional aspects. He added: The mission of providing reliable web services needs a strong infrastructure. As a sign of that, the company provides customer ensure satisfaction for 30 days, during this period the client is entitled to retrieve all the money spent, in case of dissatisfaction with the provided service level.

They provide integrated services to their customers, to make them feel more comfortable in the management of their website. And CloudWings provide WordPress Web Design Professional service with adaptive website hosting size to provide an excellent service with well-thought cost. Also, e-marketing is available and we have: a set of managed services, so-called: comprehensive marketing management, which include site management, social networking accounts, design and deployment of digital content, as well as electronic and digital advertising campaign management.

To increase the integration of the company's services, they provide: data backup service for the customers with high standards for safety and performance, under slogan "Sharing means success."

The company is trying to provide services that meet the different user needs, by providing varied options that will be suitable from the home user to large companies. With 24 hours technical support, via various communications ways: telephone, email and the online company website chat with customer service employees.

To encourage the local community to take an advantage of their services, they provided a free trial, any Saudi Arabia origin after making a request through the contact us page.

It is worth mentioning that CloudWings, is a leading company in the website and e-marketing solutions, Internet technique and cloud computing. Officially registered since 2009 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and headquartered in the city of Riyadh.

Media Contact:

Haitham Al-Omari
CloudWings co.

Phone: 00966555655917
Website: www.cloudwings.com.sa
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