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Alpha Data Announces OpenPOWER-Based CAPI Acceleration Solution

Alpha Data announces the availability of a CAPI... (06/10/2015 09:12 AM)

For the First Time in the World Stealthphone Information Security System

Mobile Trust Telecommunications (Switzerland) to present... (03/12/2015 19:14 PM)

The first shipment, development and production for the world’s first 100Gbps 80km CFP optical transceiver

The first shipment, development and production for the world’s first 100Gbps 80km CFP optical transceiver. Developing and production of the world’s first 40Gbps 80km CFP in 2013. (12/11/2014 19:25 PM)

Oxagile LLC Ranked in Inc.5000 Top

Oxagile has made it to Inc.5000 as one of the fastest growing US companies. (08/21/2013 08:53 AM)

Oxagile LLC Launches Apptraction — New Web-Resource Focused on Mobile Development

Oxagile has launched Apptraction, a web resource devoted entirely to mobile development across a range of available platforms. (08/06/2013 08:40 AM)

Online Payments a Breeze: Oxagile Now Authorize.Net Partner

Oxagile becomes an official Authorize.Net partner to provide first-class payment gateway integration services for eCommerce merchants. (08/02/2013 15:00 PM)

Oxagile Ranked 5th in Best Web Development Companies Award

Oxagile has improved its ranking as the best web development company and is now fifth at the top list.  (07/03/2013 13:00 PM) Opens New Kansas City Data Center is a data center services provider offering dedicated servers (07/02/2013 09:31 AM)

Oxagile Developers Prove Their Excellence with HTML5 Certifications

Oxagile is pleased to announce that now it has HTML5 certified specialists on board. (04/30/2013 14:45 PM)

Data Management Made Easy with MongoDB and Oxagile

Oxagile starts close collaboration with 10gen team, the company powering the industry-leading database solution MongoDB. (04/19/2013 08:49 AM)

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